My recent artwork has been a form of professional development for me as an educator. I have been focusing on improving my techniques and skills through independent work. I frequently show my artwork to my students because I want them to see that learning is a lifelong process and we can continue to better ourselves through practice.

As a result, my style has become more eclectic. For the most part, my artwork tends to be realistic through the use of reference photos and observations. I have always respected the challenge of transferring a three-dimensional subject onto paper or canvas. My style is unique because I do not limit myself to just one particular medium. I choose my medium based on the subject that inspires me and how I want the finished piece to look. Currently, I have enjoyed refreshing my skills using colored pencils. I also love painting with acrylics, oils, and watercolors.  I am passionate about animals and nature. I am inspired by the beauty of the creatures and world around me. Therefore, the subjects of my artwork are typically animals.